• Computer viruses could put your business on life support


    The problem of the computer virus is one that never really seems to go away. Even as technology advances and we use computers less frequently, the virus creators have simply switched targets to smartphones and tablets that have the least amount of security protection. Viruses are – by their very nature – extremely hard to [...]

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  • Business Tips for Dealing with Computer Viruses


    Computer viruses and other malware can cause severe data loss problems to a business. Take a look at the slideshare below to get some great advice on how to deal with viruses, courtesy of WinWeb. WinWeb Business Tips for dealing with viruses

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  • Online Business Security


    If you or your employees are using the Internet without taking any action to protect yourself, it could result in disaster for your business. It is important to take preventative measures to avoid viruses or hackers that might cause downtime or tarnish the reputation of your company. The first step in making an unprotected computer [...]

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