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  • Available on demand on PCs, Macs, iPhone, Android devices, and iPads


    “All WinWeb apps are available on demand and work on PCs, Macs, iPhone, Android devices, and iPads. Users only pay for the services they have selected and don´t need to buy a full package.” Read more:

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  • A unique way of giving businesses easy-to-use tools to build a bigger social presence


    “WinWeb is unique in giving businesses easy to use tools they need to build a bigger social presence, engage their customers, and stay on top of their own financial, production, and distribution needs and responsibilities.” Read more:

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  • Top rating for WinWeb on app marketplace


    “With so many products on the market today to help businesses grow, it’s hard to pick one and say this is the best. However, it’s even harder to find a reason not to appreciate WinWeb.”

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  • Working in the cloud leads to smarter, more profitable working


    Let’s take a cloud app like Winweb Cloud Accounting. I can easily track which payments are due in from my clients and which bills I need to pay.

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  • Business Cloud-Computing Is Not Like Accessorising For A Party


    “Business Cloud-Computing Is Not Like Accessorising For A Party” – Interview with Stefan Töpfer, CEO of WinWeb

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  • IAB and WinWeb – Working together to improve support for small businesses


    ” WinWeb, a leading integrated business cloud computing provider, helps businesses to develop in a socially and financially sustainable way. By reducing costs and time wasting, utilising an integrated cloud computing solution, business owners can concentrate on running their business and staying afloat. With WinWeb’s QuickSwitch facility, service providers can efficiently switch from one client [...]

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  • The Four USPs of Cloud Computing


    “My company WinWeb and I are firm believers that there are four essential Unique Selling Points (USPs) to consider whenever you select a cloud provider.”

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  • Update to WinWeb Business Cloud – 6th August 2012


    “New updates to Projects & Helpdesk and Cloud CRM allowing for greater customisation and ease-of-use.”

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  • Planned European Webserver Outage


    Today, on Wednesday April 27th between 19:00 and 21:00 BST we will take our European Webservers off line for a duration of approximately one hour. The reason for this is necessary maintenance and a server upgrade ready for our upcoming software upgrade to WinWeb Version 6 which is planned to go public in June/July 2010. [...]

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