• WinWeb Will Get Your Business Online


    Here at WinWeb we speak to small business, freelancers and the self-employed every day, and whilst most recognise the importance of having their business or services online, many are at a loss as to where to start and how to go about it. That is why WinWeb has created many ways for your business to [...]

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  • WinWeb Publishes UK Quarterly SME Performance Report Infographic


    Our UK SME Performance Report for Q2 in 2011 is out and includes key indicators for GDP, inflation, SME challenges, SME performance, SME size comparisons, entrepreneurial index and many more. (To see the infographic bigger, just click on the image!)

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  • UK National Mentoring Scheme launches with WinWeb Cloud Solutions.

    From today, businesses will be able to find assistance through a brand new online portal, This brings together leading mentoring organisations, including the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, and allows companies to search for and locate their local group. It also includes a section to recruit would be mentors and a range of helpful [...]

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  • WinWeb Supports Shell LiveWire Awards


    We are pleased to announce that as of today, we support the Shell LiveWIRE Awards with WinWeb’s Business Planning Software free for 12 months for each applicant – making each applicant a winner. Our software will allow you to plan your success from day one. If you’re aged 16-30, based in the UK and need [...]

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  • WinWeb Cloud – Power For Your Business


    Using cloud computing will help you to grow your business and keep your cost under control. Making your business more resilient is the same a making your business more powerful. WinWeb Cloud Computing will help you: 1. Do More With Less. 2. Grow Your Business & Save Money At The Same Time. 3. Grow Your [...]

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  • Get O2′s Blueroom Treatment With WinWeb


    UK’s premier mobile phone operator O2 is offering their business clients all manner of business products and services at a discounted rate, for being loyal customers. This certainly meets with our approval, any help small business can get in which ever form has be welcomed these days. We are happy to report that you can [...]

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  • WinWeb Is Your World Office


    Duncan Cambell writes on Ecademy that “The World Is Your Office”, he talks about home-working is now a reality for small businesses and writes: “WinWeb were one of the first small business software providers to understand the potential benefits of cloud computing for small business…., WinWeb who created the most comprehensive small business infrastructure worldwide, [...]

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  • WinWeb Is Phasing Out Support For Older Browsers.


    From August 1st, WinWeb will no longer support older browsers – those using IE7, Firefox (Mozilla) 3.5 and Apple’s Safari 3 or older will not be able to use the full functionality of the on-demand WinWeb micro business and small business software applications & business services. The decision was taken due to security and compatibility [...]

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  • Infographics: Invoicing & Billing Software


    One of the most important objectives for any business, especially small businesses should be to get paid as early as possible to help the business cash-flow. With that in mind we have produced this info-graphic for you, to share the benefits of cloud computing invoicing and billing software with you:

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  • Infographic: Cloud vs. Boxed Software – The Benefits.


    With some “boxed” software providers claiming that cloud computing is too expensive, we thought we would have a little look and see if this is actually true? Here is our little info-graphic about the subject: This is just the average pricing we found on the web from some of the best known “boxed” software providers [...]

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  • WinWeb & SFEDI Join Forces To Help Small Businesses


    WinWeb are passionate about reducing the mortality rate of small businesses, which stands at a staggering 60% despite various government initiatives designed to reduce this figure, and are delighted to be working with SFEDI on this new venture. It has always been WinWeb’s objective to build a small business infrastructure, thereby allowing small businesses to [...]

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  • WinWeb Business Blog – A Technorati Top 100 Business Blog


    We’re thrilled to let you know that WinWeb is featured on Technorati as a Top 100 Business Blog! So, by reading our Blog you’re in good company… Technorati is an internet search engine for blogs; Indexing over 150 million blogs and ranking them according to relevancy, authority and clout within the appropriate industry sector. They [...]

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